Brain Balance Palm Beach Gardens


The purpose of the Brain Balance Program is to engage the brain and body in such a way
that it improves the way the brain functions, leading to improvements in how we feel and function in our daily lives.

Improvements can be seen in:

Focus in school or in conversations
Learning and behaving at an age-appropriate level
Mood and anxiety levels
Comprehension and reasoning

Brain Balance is designed to help you strengthen and improve your brain’s functioning -- positively impacting many areas of your life.

Did you know the brain can change at any age?

Change in the brain can refer to new pathways being formed or connections becoming stronger and more efficient. New pathways are formed through sensory stimulation, life experiences and new information. These connections and pathways are important because they communicate with all regions of the brain, allowing us to successfully perform daily cognitive and physical tasks, and facilitating our executive functioning.

Brain Balance FAQ

If you are enrolled in a local center, sessions are 3 times per week. During each session an individual will complete a series of cognitive, sensory, and physical activities that are geared towards engaging and activating many different regions of the brain. Examples of these activities include core strength exercises, cognition exercises, and visual, auditory, and multi-sensory tasks involving rhythm and timing.

Our staff will also be meeting you for guidance on nutrition support, behavior and at home lifestyle changes to enhance the program outcomes.

The length of the program is a minimum of 3 months and can be longer based on the data of the comprehensive assessment and goals for the individual. Throughout the program, our team will provide progress reports and support to make sure milestones are being met and breakthroughs are happening at each phase.

We are here to help you at every step.

If you are enrolled in the virtual program, we’ll ship you all the equipment you’ll need to progress through the program.

Each week you’ll meet virtually with your coach who will show you the exercises you’ll perform over the course of the week. Weekly, as progression occurs, you’ll be given the next set of exercises as outlined in your personalized plan. These weekly exercises are designed to strengthen brain connectivity using a unique combination of physical, sensory, and cognitive activities. These coached sessions will also serve as a space for you to ask questions, talk through challenges and assess progress.

You will also meet with a nutrition coach during your program who will share to ensure a strong foundation for physical and cognitive wellness.

For your coaching sessions, you can select to meet virtually 1-3 times a week, and tuition will vary based on this frequency. The total length of the program starts at 3 months (less than 1 hour per day, 5 days a week) and can be extended based on the assessment baseline and goals.


You get the best of both worlds with a combination of in center and virtual that fits into your schedule.


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