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Journal of Mental Health & Clinical Psychology Research

Research published in the Journal of Mental Health and Clinical Psychology suggests that the Brain Balance Program is an effective, non-drug option for reducing and improving emotional and developmental challenges associated with anxiety, ADHD or autism.

The study focused on children who were at or below developmental milestones and evaluated the parent-reported changes in their behavior before and after undergoing 5-6 months of the Brain Balance program. The findings revealed that nearly all the children who participated in the program showed improvements in mental well-being, with most categories reaching an average of 40-50% improvement.

Study Insights:

Parents of children who completed the Brain Balance Program reported the following improvements, on average:

  • 40% improvement in behavior and anxiety
  • 50% improvement in emotional functioning, ability to retain academic information, and social confidence
  • 60% improvement in overall happiness

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To ensure that the successful results seen so far were not due to the passage of time but because of Brain Balance training,

Brain Balance for Adults is designed to help you strengthen and improve your brain’s functioning -- positively impacting many areas of your life.